Excelsior Community College honours top performers at Annual Awards Ceremony

Over 200 hundred students were honoured at the annual Awards Ceremony on Thursday October 25, 2018 at Excelsior Community College (ECC).

A group of the awardees celebrate their achievements

These are students who have distinguished themselves in not only academics, but also those who have made personal commitments to others and their communities.

According to principal, Philmore McCarthy, this annual event is about celebrating and experiencing the scholarly and creative achievements of the students. “The awardees have succeeded in the face of personal, financial and academic challenges. Through discipline, sacrifice and the refusal to accept defeat, these students have excelled,” he stated.

He also stated that the ceremony is also about challenging and inspiring other students to excel in all spheres of the College and their communities. “We want our students to strive for academic excellence but also go beyond the call of duty in their social lives. We are interested in developing the whole person.”

Leaders of Tomorrow

For many, the Awards Ceremony is about honing and recognizing the future leaders of Jamaica. According to Robin Clarke, public relations officer, “The Awards Ceremony is all about celebrating the multifaceted student who exemplifies the true Excelsorian character: the one who is not only bright but also a social leader; the one who volunteers; the one who participates and excels in sports; the one who goes beyond the call of duty and the one who comes up with innovative ways of solving the problems at the College as well as in their communities.”

This was exemplified when three sisters, triplet, all received the Chairman’s Award for academic excellence: Danice Lloyd, a student in the School of Nursing & Allied Health (SONAH); Kharece Lloyd, a student in School of Engineering Logistics & Built Environment (SELBE); and Patrice Lloyd in the School of Business & Entrepreneurial Studies (SOBES).

Their mother was beaming with pride. “How can I begin to tell you how proud I am of my daughters? All of my daughters are so special to me and continue to make me a proud mommy.” This is a first for ECC, where triplets all receive this distinguished award, the highest award of the event.

Other types of awards include the Principal’s Award for students who have achieved an academic average of 75-79%; the Chairman’s Award for students who have achieved an average grade of 80% and above; the Student Services Award for students who have contributed to the social and cultural life of the College; the Special Academic Award; the Earl Buckle Award, in honour of the late vice principal, Dr. Earl Buckle.

Special invited guests included Dr. Orville Beckford, Chairman of the Council of Community College of Jamaica (CCCJ) and Mr. Eaton Hendricks, Accreditation Officer of the University of the Council of Jamaica (UCJ).
The St. Andrew-based institution prides itself for providing students with opportunities to develop their skills in leadership, sports, work experience, moral conscience and social outreach.

The honourees were awarded at an invitation-only ceremony at the auditorium of Excelsior High School.

(L-R) Philmore McCarthy, principal of Excelsior Community College; Danice Lloyd, a student in the School of Nursing & Allied Health; Kharece Lloyd, a student in the School of Engineering, Logistics & Built Environment; Patrice Lloyd, a student in the School of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies; and the triplet’s mother.