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The Excelsior Community College is proud of its years of Service to Jamaica.

An educational institution of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, the college recognizes the importance of human development.  Established out of the dreams, dedication, persistence and love for community of the late founder A. Wesley Powell,  Excelsior Community College set the pace and standards for community colleges in Jamaica and has influenced others in the Caribbean.

The College has established vital links with the community through associations with neighbourhood groups and the private sector, and have been responsive to their developmental needs while also creating opportunities to address the challenges faced by its members 

The success of the Excelsior Community College is due not just to the vision of its founder and administrators, but to the loyalty, dedication and contribution of staff members. Graduates have moved on to other tertiary institutions and have also made their mark in very important areas of our society and on the international scene.

In this very dynamic, global and competitive educational environment, the college is in the process of re-positioning itself to meet the challenges that have been created with the information era. The task is great, but Excelsior Community College will succeed in its mission.

The Excelsior Community College family welcomes you to explore our College as we recommit ourselves to reaching even greater heights.

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