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ECCAJ Overview
The Excelsior Community College Academic Journal (ECCAJ) is a of collection scholarly work done by students, lecturers and other contributors. The scholarly collection includes: research reports, conceptual papers, literature reviews and book reviews. It is a multi-disciplinary journal that features works from various disciplines, such as: education, psychology, health and business. This first issue features eight (8) articles that addresses issues identified in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

ECCAJ: Full Journal

ECCAJ Vol. 1, Iss. 1 - Official Electronic - Version 1 2.6 mb 

ECCAJ Article Downloads

History of Caribbean Community Colleges - B. Gudapati 2021.pdf  1 mb 

Business Governace in HEIs - G. Jackson.pdf 1.2 mb

Validity and Reliabilty of Teacher Appraisal Instrument - T. Adams-Robinson.pdf 1.4 mb

Theoretical Framework for Community Colleges - B. Gudapati.pdf 1.8 mb

Relationship between Medication Expenditure and Chronic Dseases - O. Beckford & J. Briscoe.pdf 1.9 mb 

Early Childhood Principal's Perception as Instructional Leaders - G. Forrester-Grant.pdf 1.2 mb

Examination of Students Attendace for Policy Changes - K. Barrett.pdf 1.6 mb 

Skin Colour Perception, A Gender Comparison - C. Sawyers-Haylett.pdf 3.3 mb