School of Performing Arts

The Excelsior Community College School of Performing is one of the youngest but most visible and vibrant School in the college. It is the only institution in the English speaking to offer an associate degree in the performing arts.

Graduates from the School have basic competences in all areas of Performing and specialized training in at least on other area. Since its inception in 1998 the School has trained over one hundred (100) students who are now playing a significant role in the theatre industry and other schools throughout Jamaica.

The School of Performing Arts and the Excelsior Community College has won numerous medals at the local Arts festivals and has attained high acclaim at various international festivals. For many years we have been able to attain (95-100%) passes at CXC Theatre Arts Exam. Candice Buchanan, Orville Hall and Courtney Wilson are a few examples of graduates from the  School of Performing Arts Programme at Excelsior Community College.

The School is presently headed by Mr. Kenneth Salmon, one of the few Jamaicans with a Masters of Fine Arts Degree accompanied by a competent and qualified staff to include Michael Reckford and Robin Clarke.

The Faculty of Performing Arts is just over ten (10) years old but has made important strides. It has maintained good relations with the Jamaica Association of Dramatic Artists (JADA) and other professional bodies in the performing arts.

Programme Offered