AccreditationExcelsior Community College considers the evaluation of its programmes to be of paramount importance.  Accreditation is a formal recognition, or guarantee, that a programme meets certain standards and provides acceptable levels of quality education. The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) is the quality assurance body for Jamaican tertiary education, and as such establishes guidelines and procedures for institutions seeking accredited status for particular programmes. Excelsior Community College is registered with the UCJ as a tertiary institution whose programmes are eligible for accreditation under its aegis. The UCJ accredits individual programmes offered in an institution, rather than the entire institution.

What benefits to students does accreditation provide?

Accreditation is the status granted to an institution or programme that has been found, through self-study and peer review, to meet or exceed stated guidelines of educational quality.  For the student accreditation provides:

  • Assurance that the educational activities of an accredited institution or program have been found to be satisfactory, and, therefore, meet the needs of students.
  • Assurance of receiving a well-rounded graduate education.
  • Advanced degree opportunities.
  • Assistance in the transfer of credits between institutions or in the admission of students to advanced degrees through the general acceptance of credits among accredited institutions when the performance of the student has been satisfactory and the credits to be transferred are appropriate to the receiving institution.
  • Assurance that the degree earned will qualify the graduate for many jobs which specify graduation from an accredited school as a condition of employment.


Accredited Programmes

The following Bachelors degree programs have been accredited by The UCJ.

  • Business Studies
  • Management Information Systems
  • Hospitality Entertainment and Tourism.

The following Associate Degree programs have also been  accredited by The UCJ.

  • Business Studies
  • Management Information Systems
  • Tourism Hospitality and Entertainment Management
  • Library Technical Studies   (A.Sc.)

 The accreditation for the following programs are pending from The UCJ.

  • Performing Arts  (A.Sc.)