Advising and Counselling



The Career Advising and Counselling department aims to assist students in identifying and fulfilling their true potential. The department also aims to ultimately, through its programmes increase student’s retention and to fully equip the students for the global labour market.

The College is served by two Guidance Counsellors and a Chaplain, who offer individual and group counseling services. The Counselling Programme is aimed at promoting the social, emotional, and general well being of students. A Peer Counselling Programme trains students in offering support to their colleagues. The Guidance Counsellors also conduct Personal Development Seminars for first year students.



Services Offered:






Personal and Professional Development Seminars envisioned as a tool to prepare our students at a holistic level thus giving them a competitive edge. This is a one semester course offered both semesters for the academic year. This course is offered to only first year students who are timetabled to attend these sessions.  At the completion of the sessions students are required to hand in a portfolio as the method of assessment.

 The following areas are covered in these Personal and Professional Development Seminars:


Career Development



The College and Career Counselling department through its programme is currently working on establishing a mentorship programme to assist students in identifying and fulfilling their true potential.

Student Campus Counselling

The department currently has a Student Campus counselling training programme to further assist  students experiencing difficulties whilst pursuing their education.  Student counsellors are assigned badges and referred to as Campus Counsellors.


The department provides supportive services in this experiential learning exercise.

The programme was conceived by the U.S. government as a means of providing a cultural experience for full time students attending Excelsior Community College.  The jobs are primarily in the hospitality field at country resorts and ranches throughout the U.S.