College Clinic

The College Clinic is available for all students and provides healthcare services, referral services and educational information related to health issues. Students can visit the College Clinic during the hours listed below, or call and make a mutually convenient appointment.

The College Clinic is managed by a Registered Nurse. The College Nurse counsels students on an ongoing basis on health and lifestyle related matters and organizes displays, seminars and workshops on a variety of health related issues that are of significant value to the student body and the wider EXED community.

The main services offered by the College Clinic include:

  • Clinical services for all incoming students operated by licensed medical practioners
  • Information and consultation about health problems
  • Minor illness care
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Personal Health Counseling
  • First Aid
  • Arrangements for emergency care
  • Quiet and private rest area

For illnesses or injuries beyond the scope of the clinic, the student will be taken to the nearby St. Joseph's Hospital or referred to the nearest clinic or their own private medical doctor.

Location: Block C

Tel.: (876) 928-4986-7 ext. 274 

Fax: (876) 938-0747

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8am - 6:30pm