ECC's Vision, Mission and Core Values

2025 Vision Statement

Excelsior Community College is an innovative, learner-centric, community-focused Methodist institution catering to lifelong learning while achieving excellence in education and training.

Mission Statement

Excelsior Community College contributes to National and Global Development by providing an enabling and research-driven environment that enhances Learners’ lifelong development and provides solutions for the Public and Private sectors.

Core Values

Core Value


I will always ….

I will never …….


The consistent practice of being honest, truthful and ethical.

I will always act in accordance with the Principle and Ideals of the organization.

I will never compromise the ethical standards of the institutions.


Willingness to accept responsibility and to be answerable to stakeholders.

I will always be a good steward of the resources entrusted to me.

I will never be negligent in the execution of my duties and responsibilities.


Dedication to the achievement of the ECC goals

I will always fulfil my obligations.

I will never renege on my responsibilities and duties.


Due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others

 I will always be considerate of the rights, feelings and opinions of others.

I will never disregard the rights of others.


A firm belief in the integrity, reliability, ability or character of a person or thing.

I will always rely on the words and actions of my colleagues.

I will never intentionally mislead my colleagues.


The extent to which stakeholders can openly observe, understand or recognize the actions performed by the institution.

I will always act in a manner that the factors influencing my decisions can be held up to scrutiny.”


I will never refuse to explain or clarify factors influencing my decisions.”