Principal's Welcome Message 2019/2020

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome new and returning students to Excelsior Community College (ECC).

Congratulations on your decision to become an “Excelsior Eagle” part of a tradition of excellence.

We have developed a triple A strategy that is grounded in our vision and mission:

To be innovative, learner-centric, community focus, catering to lifelong learning while achieving excellence.

The three concepts in our Triple A strategy are access, affordability, and applied learning. These are our value proposition and innovation that transitions into our programmes.

ACCESS – the ways in which the college policies ensure equal and equitable opportunities to take full advantages of your  college education and training programmes.

Here at Excelsior Community College, we offer open access that allows you to successfully attain your goals via our Pathways flexible enrolment options. We are committed to the philosophy expressed in our tagline “Transforming Lives, Nurturing Global Citizens”.  To that end we provide a student centred environment rich in the resources you need to enhance your intellectual, moral, social and professional development. You are encouraged to diversify your interests and develop your social skills through participation in our diverse co-curricular and student engagement activities.

Access is exemplified this academic year by the following seven (7) partnerships:
1.  Career Advancement Programme with MoEYI   (CAP - 120 students - NVQJ level 2)

2. Step to Work Programme with Ministry of Labour and Social Security (60 students – 5 CSEC or equivalency plus NVQJ certification)

3. Joint Committee for Tertiary Education(JCTE) Absorptive Capacity Programme in partnership with Vocational Training Development Institute (VTDI), sponsored by HEART Trust/NTA)  where 250 students – Computer Maintenance Administrators and Customer Service Agents in the BPO sector.

4. Vocational Training Development Institute (VTDI 30 students – Assessor Competency Bases Education and training).

5. Extended High School grade 12 and 13 in six High Schools Occupational Degrees in Customer Service and Tourism Hospitality Services (120 students)
Sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism Development/Enhancement Funds

6. Centre for Occupational Studies COS/MOEYI and HEARTNTA (75 students – 4 OADs)

7. MOEYI Upskilling Initiatives (60 students – PLAR Asc. Business Studies).

Affordability – creating clear pathways to opportunities that ensure economic progress and prosperity for our students and their families. Our  programmes can be afforded, we strive to keep cost within ones financial means. Individual development plans, academic advising and financial  officers to assist you in completing your studies.

ECC provide its students with the most relevant, current and a globally portable qualification which includes a wide variety of programmes, and a suite of globally-accredited programmes by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ),the Nursing Council of Jamaica,  and other international accreditation bodies.  

We have established international linkages with institutions such as Hocking College (Ohio, USA), and Niagara College (Canada) with which we deliver several joint programmes.

Applied Learning –an approach to teaching and learning that focuses on Science, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) , STEAM ( to include the Arts, or STREAM ( to include research, reading and writing). Here at ECC we offer applied academics, where student learn by engaging in direct application of skills, theories and real world models and solutions. Thus producing  ‘work ready’ graduates.

Excelsior is committed to its students’ receiving professional certification, and offers preparation for the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA Academy) and other Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry qualifications. Similarly, the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Studies students who specialise in accounting benefit from advanced placement in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certification programme. 80% average  certification and completion for Nursing students. Additionally, approximately 250 students pursuing degree programmes participated in the annual International Partnerships and Cultural Exchange programmes in the United State of America that facilitates experiential learning in, and of other cultures and more developed economies.

In closing, here we cater to the holistic development of our student - Mind, Body,  and Soul.

Holistic Development is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person should  find identity, meaning and purpose in life.

We are a Methodist institution, as such ECC strives to inculcate a Christian worldview in our students.

Also, the values and attitudes required to be agents of transformation in a world that needs such examples.

First year students are required to participate in the PACE (Philosophy, Aesthetics and Citizenship Education) programme and the University Values and Attitudes Course (U-VAC).  

The College has a vibrant Social Outreach Programme which provides students with the opportunity to volunteer in a range of community service activities to develop effective servant leadership characteristics.

As we begin another academic year, I encourage you to take responsibility for your learning.

Take advantage of the many opportunities for personal development and networking which will come your way.

Let us work together in transforming lives - always aiming Yet Higher.

Age Animo! - "Do It With Thy Might"





Philmore McCarthy