ECC's Advantages

For more than 35 years, Excelsior Community College has been offering high-quality, low-cost education to Jamaica. Building on that excellent track record, the College continues its commitment to provide excellent public, post-secondary educational programs, community outreach activities and related services. From certificate programs to associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees, ECC provides its diverse student body with the opportunity to develop academically, as well as socially, and fosters cooperative partnerships with local businesses and universities.

Some highlights of ECC include:

  • Excellent Track record for over 35 years.
  • High quality, nurturing Faculty and staff numbering approximately 200.
  • Student body numbering well over 2000 from diverse backgrounds.
  • Number of Bachelor Degrees: 7
  • Number of Associate Degrees: 9
  • Several Diplomas and Certificates
  • Collaboration with both local and overseas colleges and universities, in both course and programme development.
  • Linkages with several local and international organizations.
  • Number of UCJ Accredited Programmes : 8
  • Community Empowerment Programmes.
  • CCCJ Assessed Programmes .
  • UWI & UTECH Assessed Programmes.
  • UWI & UTECH Franchised Programmes.
  • Overseas Internship Opportunities
  • Annual Work Experience
  • Social Outreach programme
  • Reasonable Payment Plan (for fees)
  • College Work Study Programme
  • Spacious and well equipped library and labs.
  • Programme Unique to ECC:
    • Library Technical Studies
    • Performing Arts