Faculty of Pure and Applied Science

Welcome to the the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science.  It is indeed wonderful to be a part of a new vision and emergence of a new organisational structure here at the Excelsior Community College. The Faculty of Pure and Applied Science is one of five faculties at this institution and comprises three Schools: The School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, The School of Nursing and The School of Cosmetology. All of these schools with their own mandate and visions for their students. The establishment of this Faculty will see the continued development of programmes that suit the needs of our local, regional and global communities.

It is expected that what will materialize out of these three Schools in the next 5 to 10 will be of high quality, great demand and play a vibrant role in society.

Please take this opportunity, as prospective and current students, to garner information on this Faculty and on the new programmes that will be emerging.

Again, welcome, and thank you for making it Excelsior!

"We all must work together; we all must build together, so we all can succeed together."

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