Registration Procedures


The information on this page has been compiled to facilitate the registration process for new and continuing ECC students as well as to provide instructions for non-ECC students interested in enrolling in ECC courses.

All Students are required to register at the beginning of each semester including the summer semester.  A separate registration receipt will be issued for each semester. A receipt of registration is the official document recognizing an applicant as a student of the College.

Fully Registered Student is one who satisfies the following criteria:

  • Academic approval is given by the School;
  • Financial obligations to the College are met and full financial clearance given by the Student Affairs Office:
  • Medical clearance is given by the College Nurse;
  • All required forms in the registration package are completed and returned to the relevant Departments.

Partially Registered Student is a student that has satisfied  the requirements for registration with the exception of full financial clearance. This student would have made contractual arrangements with the College for the payment of fees.

Late Registration

Any student registered after September 30 for semester one, after January 30 for semester two and after June 30 for Summer semester will be required to pay a late registration fee. A list of all relevant penalties for transactions after  deadline dates will be issued by the Student Affairs Office.

Penalties for Non-Registration

A student is required to be registered while attending the College. Any unregistered student who attends classes or participates in College activities does so in contravention of the rules and regulations of the College. The College reserves the right to take the necessary actions to prevent such a student from:

  • Entering the compound or attending classes,
  • participating in any student organization or College activity,
  • Sitting examinations.
  • Accessing the facilities of the Library.
  • Obtaining an I.D.

Cancellation of Courses

The College reserves the right to cancel any programme/course that is not financially viable. This will be done within one (1) month of the start date for the programme/ course.


Tuition and other ancillary fees are normally calculated for semesters one and two combined and are due at the beginning of semester one unless Management stipulates otherwise.

There is usually a separate charge for  summer programmes.