The College now has a doctor on call. He is Dr. Bongelo Gombele, Obesity & Diabetes Expert, who is also a Medical Doctor attached to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

Dr. Gombele also delivered an interesting presentation on lifestyle diseases and what you can do to remain healthy during this morning’s Principal Hour. He ended by presenting an autographed copy of his book In The Making of a Medical Doctor to Principal Philmore McCarthy. 

In the Making of a Medical Doctor chronicles the struggles of the author in his pursuit of becoming a medical doctor. This autobiography is a sequel to his first published book You Can Make It where he inspires and motivates readers on how to dream and keep their dreams alive. In the Making of a Medical Doctor takes readers on the second leg of the journey where courage and determination are put to the test. The will to continue overrides the feeling to give up the dream which is faced by the realities of life. 

ECC Principal's Hour

Principal Philomore McCarthy (left) is presented with an autographed book written by Dr. Bongelo Gombele.