Features of EagleMail

E-Mail Keep your Excelsior Community College email address, but use Google’s advanced email interface – without ads. Comes with a powerful spam filter and 15 gigabytes of storage (so you may never have to delete a message again).
Calendar Organize your life – keep a calendar for yourself, share calendars with your friends, and subscribe to public calendars to stay on top of events on campus.
Docs Create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, and download them to your favorite desktop applications. Great for collaborative projects, in and out of school.
Talk with friends and workmates, or make free voice calls to anyone else with Google Talk, anywhere in the world.
Sites Online website and creation tools that offer real-time sharing and editing as well as worry-free compatibility. It’s as easy as editing a document, which means there's no markup language for you to learn. Create a site for yourself or your student organization.
And more As Google develops new tools, Excelsior Community College and Google will collaborate to bring them to you.