The Excelsior Community College (ECC) was granted Institutional Accreditation by The
University Council of Jamaica on February 29, 2024, an achievement that indicates that
our programmes are credible, of high-quality, and have met or exceeded established
standards for educational quality.
Purpose and Value of Institutional Accreditation

  1. It offers quality certifications.
  2. Provides confidence that the institution meets recognized standards and
    has a solid educational value.
  3. It offers students the opportunity to enter their desired profession.
  4. It serves as a foundation for admission into further studies, both locally
    and internationally.

This accreditation covers all tertiary-level programmes (starting from the Associate
degree level) offered at the Excelsior Community College.
In celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2024, receiving Institutional Accreditation serves
as a testament to our commitment to academic excellence and quality. It is a significant
moment to celebrate and reaffirm the College’s commitment to providing the future of
Jamaica with the necessary resources for success.

ECC Accredited