ECC staff participates in Digital Marketing Workshop

Thirty lecturers and administrators from the various departments at Excelsior Community College recently completed the first module of a two-day Digital Marketing Workshop conducted by the institution’s Office of Marketing, Media and Communication.

Digital Marketing Workshop participants interact with the facilitator
(L_R) Mrs. Betty-Ann Arhelo and Mr. Dwayne Riley interact with facilitator Jason Barnett

“The objective of the workshop is to enhance the digital marketing skills of senior management and administrators, helping the College to better strategise and optimize its reach,” said coordinator and Public Relations Officer of the St. Andrew-based institution, Mr. Robin Clarke. “The aim is to expand and formalize our reach in cyberspace. We also want to encourage social engagement, making our staff and students virtual brand ambassadors.”

According to Jason Barnett, facilitator and digital marketer, “Marketing has changed its face. Brands that wish to attract customers have to go where prospects gather.” He further stated that cyberspace has a lot to offer individuals who have become social beings. “Therefore companies have to leverage their brand in the form of experiences and let them become a part of people’s daily lives.”

From Paper to Stage

The workshop was transformed into an experiential learning lab based on skill application and industry best practices. Participants were, for example, introduced to the megawatt power of content marketing, viewing and analyzing successful digital marketing campaigns of brands such as Always, Heineken and Dove. They were then asked to create similar campaigns for their respective departments.

“This was deliberately done to provide participants with effective copywriting, social media marketing and management skills and expose them to create similar campaigns for their respective departments,” said Mr. Barnett.

Principal of the College, Mr. Philmore McCarthy, stated, “The Digital Marketing Workshop is the first step in a broader project of programme development. The intention is to offer a digital marketing major and an associate degree in media entrepreneurship offering courses such as search engine optimization.”

“Millennials and Generation Z, the current target markets, have changed and as such, marketing degrees and strategies must evolve to remain relevant and effective,” said Mr. McCarthy.