Alumni Spotlight - November 2015: Lyndon Adlam

Lyndon Adlam
School of Library Technical Education

1)    Which programme did you pursue at Excelsior Community College and when?
I pursued the Library Technical Assistant Certificate (LTA) Programme during the academic year 2002-2003.

2)     Why did you choose your programme of study at Excelsior community College?

I did not have a desired profession or career in mind upon completing Excelsior High School, and as such, I decided to peruse the Excelsior Community College programmes. The Library Technical Assistant  programme was most suitable as it connected with my natural interests in research, reading and serving persons overall.

3)    What is most memorable about the programme?
The most memorable aspect of my study during the programme was the genuine interest of my Head of Department, Ms. Janet Findley. Her dedication towards not only me, but all her students is worthy of note. She often times went beyond the academic environment to ensure that we all advanced within the programme.
Also, the School of Library Technical Education placed my classmates and myself in permanent jobs when we completed our course of study.  Additionally, for my Library Internship I was placed at the Library of the JAMAL Foundation (now Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning). I was officially recognized via a letter sent to the College by the Managing Director of JAMAL for creating a personal library for him as well as for my contribution to the development of the Foundation’s library.

4)    What are you currently doing career-wise?
I am currently the Librarian/Knowledge Centre Officer at the Jamaica Employers’ Federation.
 I am also a proud member of the School of Library Technical Education Board of Studies. I am delighted to give back to my College.

5)    How do you think the programme helped in advancing your career?
The LTA programme was and still continues to be the foundation on which I am advancing  my career. It has helped me to develop my skills as a Library professional to the extent where I have been given the task to manage an entire Library  collection from 2003 until present.
Additionally, it was the LTA programme which prepared me for the Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of the West Indies where I was awarded the UWI Open Campus Scholarship based on my first academic year G.P.A. of 3.9

6)    In what way if any, would you like to see the programme change or grow?
I would love to see the programme grow to an extent where, more hands-on approach with library technological/web based software is given to the LTA students. Additionally, more emphasis could be placed on records management principles, enabling the students to be more rounded as library professionals and for the challenges ahead.
7)    What challenges did you have during the programme and how did you overcome them?
I had problems with my numerate, general education elective, Accounting. I overcame this challenge through collaboration with my peers. We all worked, studied and practised together within focus groups, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses and addressing them as we advanced throughout the year.  

8)    What advice would you give to current students in the prgramme?
My advice to current student would be, “Be bold with your greatness”. The possibilities are endless in a world driven by information, communication and technology. The LTA programme created a whole new world for me, and it can/will do the same for you once you apply yourself to the principles of a true library professional.  

9)    Any final thoughts?
Being an excellent professional will give you the advantage within any library and information field. Read as widely as possible and never be daunted by failure.
Fail your way to success. Continue to challenge your greatness/difference and be that agent of positive change.
Blessings always on Excelsior Community College and the School of Library Technical Education.

Lyndon Adlam