Alumni Spotlight - January 2016: Rassnai Patten

Rassnai Patten -  School of Education and Workforce Development


The School of Education and Workforce Development is pleased to feature Mr. Rassnai Patten as our alumnus for January 2016.

Rassnai hails from the parish of Portland. During his stay at ECC, he was able to manage the academics and his participation in Track and Field, Football, Cricket and various drama productions.

Mr. Patten has distinguished himself as the Entertainment Coordinator at the Holiday Inn Resort in Montego Bay. In this capacity, his myriad of roles includes production assistant, stage manager, dancer, actor and cultural presenter.

1)  In what year did you pursue your CSEC studies at Excelsior Community College?

I started my journey at Excelsior Community College 2008-2009 when I pursed four CSEC subjects and was successful in three. This enabled me to move on to my dream of pursuing a career in the performing 

2)  Why did you choose Excelsior Community College for your CSEC studies?

I first fell in love with Excelsior Community College when I saw some members of the school doing a drama piece in the parish of St. Ann.  From then it occurred to me that this was a place with a well rounded curriculum, and one that offered students interesting and appealing co-curricular activities to supplement their ‘book work.’

3)  What challenges did you experience during the programme and how did you overcome them?

Being from the parish of Portland, I had to find a place to stay in Kingston as the journey was too far to travel on a daily basis. I had to find persons to assist me and my sister - a friend came to my rescue. I had monetary challenges too, but with the assistance of the Sports Department at the College, I was given a scholarship and I also worked part-time at a supermarket. 

4)  What is the most memorable experience about the CSEC programme at the College? 

My most memorable experience was the caring nature of my lecturers.  I remember one of them telling me before my exams to write with a black ink pen and make my letters big….. let’s just say I don't have the most readable handwriting. 

5)  What are you currently doing career-wise?

I am currently working as an Entertainment Coordinator at the Holiday Inn Resort, Montego Bay.


6)  How did the CSEC programme help in advancing your career?

Good personality and charm could not do it all -  it was the CSEC Programme that paved the way for me to be formally trained to be in the position where I am at presently. 

7)  In what way, if any, would you like to see the CSEC programme change or grow?

I would say the programme is working so I wouldn't change anything. The teaching staff is very well qualified and they are very caring. They not only helped me with the ‘book work’ but they also helped me develop the soft skills needed in the world of work.

8)  What advice would you give to current students in the CSEC programme? 

Impress yourself by going beyond the boundaries. Never let your situations determine your outcome. Whenever someone tells you that something can’t be done, prove them wrong by succeeding.

9)  Any final thoughts?

I would love to see the College reaching more misguided youngsters who want to make a change to better themselves…………………………..It really feels good to have a sense of belonging and that’s what you can get at Excelsior Community College!