ECC wins first ComCol Hackathon Innovation Competition

Members of the ECC winning team, all of whom are students in the School of Computer Studies

Excelsior Community College won the first ComCol Hackathon Innovation Competition put on by the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica held on Thursday March 30, 2017. The theme of the competition was Digital Optimization.
The School of Computer Studies team, dubbed the ECC Code Eagles and using the slogan "Transforming through coding", was given a number of challenges which included ten computational challenges as well as challenges that focused on the digital presence of the team.
When the points were tallied, ECC Code Eagles reigned supreme. Over the next couple of months, the team will be creating an innovative software product and will also be taking part in a number of activities leading up to the ComCol Innovation Competition Finals in October 2017.

Team members were students from the School of Computer Studies including Jordanne Dale, Jason Graham, Krisanne White, Sean Huxtable , Ricardo Thomas (Team Captain), Kayoin Mckenzie, Jurian Braham and Paul Taylor.           
The advisors/coaches who accompanied the students were Mr. Christopher Rose, Mr. Odvar Clunie and Mr. Jodiê Smith, lecturers at the St. Andrew-based institution.

One of the team’s tasks is to create a social media presence.  Please assist by liking and sharing the links below:

Instagram Page

Facebook Page

Twitter Page