Period Awareness Day at ECC

Now a calendar event at the St. Andrew-based institution, Excelsior Community College hosted Period Awareness Day on October 23 at its main campus on Mountain View Avenue. Period Awareness Day was organized by advocate Shelly-Ann Weeks and the Her Flow campaign under the theme, Her Flow: Taking The Shame Out Of Being Woman.

Speaking at this year’s event, Shelly-Ann Weeks noted that The Her Flow Campaign is designed to help break the stigma surrounding menstruation, create more open conversations about the female body, female issues and female reproductive health.

According to Weeks, “This campaign hopes to increase awareness, education and perceptions about reproductive health; encourage women to speak to their doctors about their feminine issues and stop suffering in silence; invite men to engage in any dialogue about female reproductive health as well as play a more pro/active role in supporting women during the menstrual cycle.”

She recounted her own experience with fibroids and how this experience forced her to make dietary and lifestyle changes in order to experience a pain-free menstrual period.

She cautioned the students and staff to visit a medical doctor if their menstrual flow is painful “because while period is normal, it should not be a painful experience.”

“Men should not have a problem buying feminine products. Men who have mothers, girlfriends and wives should know about a woman’s period. If your woman misses her period and she is not pregnant, something is wrong. Take her to the doctor,” Weeks said. She was delighted to see at the end of the session male students also collecting feminine products.

The interactive session also included two nurses from Lasco Curves who reminded the students that they need to pay careful attention to their reproductive organs and visit a gynecologist regularly.