Senator Damion Crawford ‘reasons’ with ECC Students

Senator Damion Crawford with ECC principal Philmore McCarthy

(L-R) Senator and Opposition Spokesperson for Youth & Culture Damion Crawford being thanked by
Mr. Philmore McCarthy, principal of Excelsior Community College, for a well-received speech to the students.

The usual Principal's Hour on November 6 at Excelsior Community College turned into an hour of ‘reasoning’ with guest speaker and Opposition Spokesperson on Youth and Culture, Damion Crawford. The senator focused on the theme, Youth Activism and Change.

For him, youth activism and change are about volunteerism, getting involved, entrepreneurship and being an agent of change.

Senator Crawford told the jam-packed room of college students about how his uncle was the agent of change in the family. He reflected on his humble upbringing and how his uncle, the first university graduate and attorney in the family, assisted thirty-eight of his nieces and nephews in acquiring a bachelor’s degree.

“Be the uncle or aunt that will give a helping hand to members of your family. Each one teach one. By being an uncle or an auntie will eliminate the high percentage of persons who are unable to access higher education. All of us may not be privileged to assist the way my uncle did but we can play our part in helping others," he reasoned.

He also challenged the students to become activists. “Get involved in politics, and by extension, hold politicians like me accountable for everything that is said,” he charged the students.

The outspoken politician reminded the students they are the ones with the power because "sixty-three people cannot lead two million plus people astray. If that is happening then something is fundamentally wrong with the two million plus people.”

He further encouraged them to get involved by assisting young individuals with Mathematics, English or any other subject area. “Even if it means using your verandah as a classroom. Education is the basis on which fortified pillars of society are built. Each one can reach one is setting the foundation for the next generation.”

He encouraged the students to become activists and proponents of change.

Principal's Hour is the first Monday of each month where the principal would address as well as listen to the concerns of students.