Freshers' Hike 2018

Freshers’ Hike 2018 was a day of adventure, food and dance in the Holywell National Park.  More than twenty students, representing all faculties turned up early on the morning of Saturday, September 16.  Together with their staff chaperones, they boarded the buses which took them to the drop-off point at Newcastle. There, the hike began.  The catering crew stayed on the bus and headed up to the park to set up.

While we waited for the hikers to arrive, we started the cooking.  First, the fire…. Unfortunately, the coal refused to catch.  We tried wood shavings, alcohol, bits of paper but nothing happened.  Finally a ranger took pity on us and gave us some wood chips from an old log.  At this point, an enterprising hospitality student grabbed a large pot cover and began to fan the coals. Fire at last!

By this time the hikers had arrived and, after a rest and a snack, fanned out to explore the Park.  They walked some of the shorter trails and discovered the waterfall. They returned for another rest and a short dance exhibition.

The THEM crew took over the cooking and produced a ‘belly bus’ meal of rice and stewed chicken. Two of us had brought pears, which made things even better.

After more relaxing, a rousing game of “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?”, and a fairly intense game of chess, it was time to clean up and board the bus for the trip home.

Onwards to Fresher’s’ Hike 2019!

 Members of staff and students of Excelsior Community College at Freshers' Hike in Holywell National Park

Members of staff and students of ECC taking a break to "refresh and relax," at Freshers' Hike in Holywell National Park