Quarry Managers to be trained and certified at Excelsior Community College

-    Remarks from Dr. Zaria Malcolm, Vice Principal of Academic Affairs & Institutional Advancement, at the Training Programme for Quarry Managers Launch

It is certainly a pleasure for Excelsior Community College to share in this occasion. As the first and largest community college in Jamaica, we have always been a major player in addressing labour market demands and shifting to accommodate the training needs of our local and regional community.

 Our 2014-2020 Strategic Plan indicates that our mission as a college is to contribute to national and global development by providing an enabling and research driven environment that enhances lifelong development and provides solution to the public and private sectors. We believe that the launch of the Quarry Managers Training Programme today is a direct result of such a focus.

It epitomizes our joint commitment to a collaborative relationship that is grounded in the belief that such a partnership must begin from the programme development/conceptualization stage. This will ultimately result in training that is aligned with the specific demands and needs for today’s working professionals.

ECC is committed to improving the global economy through excellence in education and training which results in professional certification for all our students. The Mining and Quarrying sub-sector has been identified as a major player in moving the Jamaican economy to internationally competitive industry standards. The continuous growth in our local construction industries and potential in the mining field indicates that this training programme is well-timed.
Through courses such as Business Management & Sustainable Practices, Environmental Best Practices & Rehabilitation, Fundamentals of Resource Evaluation, Legal and Ethical Issues and Occupational Health and Safety Procedures, this Certificate Programme will cover a range of important components for those employed in the mining and quarry industry.

ECC has recently established a Workforce Development Unit which has a mandate to establish connections with industry players and design training programmes for the upskilling and certification of the Jamaican labour force. It is our sustained involvement in these initiatives and our desire to further explore such that led to its establishment. It is our intention, therefore, to seek out similar partnerships such as this one between the CCCJ, ECC and the Ministry of Mining and Geology for the benefit of the wider Jamaican workforce.

This pilot programme is only the beginning of a much larger plan to certify those working in the mining industry. ECC is committed to continued involvement in this important growth sector. Thanks again for what has thus far been a wonderful working relationship and we look forward to continued participation in this ground breaking initiative.