Research Day 2019: Exploring Innovative Research: Transforming Industries, Communities and Lives

Hosted by Excelsior Community College's (ECC) Research and Innovation Division, this annual event is a dynamic display of ECC faculty, student researchers and industry partners. It creates awareness of the important role and impact applied research has on the community and showcases the experiential learning opportunities it creates for our students.

Research Day 2019, will be held under the theme " Exploring Innovative Research: Transforming Industries, Communities and Lives", which encapsulates key strategic goals and core values of the College. As a College, ECC is committed to the provision of quality, demand driven academic programmes. However, we also recognise that our ability to meet societal needs depends on close relationships with our communities, inclusive of industry. As such, our research day includes presentations and exhibits from members of the Jamaican tertiary landscape, Industry partners and other community stakeholders.

We look forward to participation from our entire College community and the wider public.

Wednesday, March 13
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Wesley Powell Learning Resource Centre, Excelsior Community College, Mountain View campus