Alumni Spotlight - April 2019: Sean Jhaeson Huxtable

ECC Alumna -  Jhaeson Huxtable
Academic School
– School of Computer Studies
Business Name  -  Jgraphy Media


ECC Alumna - Sean Jhaeson Huxtable: School of Computer Studies

1. In what year did you begin your studies at Excelsior Community College?
I began my studies at the Excelsior Community College in September 2013.

2. What department were you registered in?
I registered in the School of Computer Studies in the Management Information Systems (MIS) program. I did so with the hope of becoming a programmer and showed much promise of becoming a good programmer as I progressed. However as time passed I became more and more skilled in the designing aspect of development through graphics. This paired with my side job at the time of being a sports photographer motivated me to start a graphics and photography company of my own and in 2016 Jgraphy Media was born.

3. Give a brief overview of your current business
My company Jgraphy Media started in 2016. To date Jgraphy takes on a variety of photography, graphics and recently cinematography projects, bringing high quality media to business and private clients of all budget ranges. The company hopes to grow into a massive media BPO company in the future, outsourcing media departments for companies too small to afford their own and corporate sized companies looking for premium professionalism, quality and creativity.

4. To what extent did your studies at Excelsior Community College motivate you to start your own business?
My time at ECC enlightened me as to the significance of the BPO sector and rewarding and unlimited growth potential in the field of entrepreneurship while simultaneously preparing me with the technical and soft skills necessary to conduct business in a logical and professional manner. Also, the skill and lesson of learning how to learn, unlearn and relearn, is one that has allowed me to be dynamic in situations where it would seem I am without adequate resources and make the best of them.

5. What are the top five challenges you experienced in the early stages of starting your business?
The top 5 challenges I faced in starting my business:
-learning curve
-artistic block and marketing
-time management
-quality control

6. How did you overcome these challenges?
With time all the above challenges have improved drastically and continue to improve.

7. What is most satisfying experience about owning a business?
The most satisfying aspect of being a business owner is waking up at 2pm in the afternoon and knowing you are still on time for work.
I also enjoy the look on clients’ faces when the product meets their expectations. I particularly enjoy watching Brides cry while watching their wedding videos. Tears of Joy of-course.

8. Any advice to young entrepreneurs?
I would advise any aspiring entrepreneur to do the following
1. Take time to visualize exactly what you want to pursue, is it worth it ? Will it make you happy? Is it what you consider success or the road to success?
Ask yourself these questions because the road will be long and hard so make sure it’s worth it to you.
2. Be smart, SMART (specific measurable attainable realistic timely) If your goal isn’t broken down to this level, head back to the drawing board.
3.Just Do It
4.Keep on doing It
5. Network, people are the most valuable resource on this planet. If you think you can do it alone, get ready for a hard lesson.
6. Learn from others mistakes where possible, But don't be discouraged by the failures of others... let them motivate you to try harder or even better, to try smarter.


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