Alumni Spotlight - May 2019 : Deandra Chung-Jones

ECC Alumna – Deandra Chung-Jones
Academic School – School of Tourism, Hospitality & Entertainment Management
Business Name - Complete Accident Support Limited


In what year did you begin your studies at Excelsior Community College?

Ans: 2010 -2014 Associate Degree and Bachelors

What department were you registered in?

Ans: School of Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment Management

Give a brief overview of your current business:

Complete Accident Support Limited helps Jamaicans who are injured or wronged in any kind of accident, such as motor-vehicle accidents, slip and fall, hotel accidents or injured on the job, to get compensation. "For a very long time, some Jamaicans have been ignorant of their rights or they don't have the money to pursue their legal matter. Our main purpose is to bridge that gap by providing legal financing, Paralegal Services and Risk Management by helping in the step-by-step process. No upfront fee is required and our clients repay only if an award is made."

When an injury occurs, one has to think about: hospital or doctor bills; loss of earnings as well as the inability to carry out normal everyday activities.
When you contact us, you will be able to find out if you can receive compensation for your injury, how to achieve best results and to make sure your rights are protected.

To what extent did your studies at Excelsior Community College motivate you to start your own business?

I am a go getter by nature and at the time when I did my research Excelsior Community College was the only recognized and accredited institution that offered the course on a Part- time basis which greatly enable my entrepreneurial journey. I found that T.H.E.M course to be one of the most diverse schools of study because its makes you well rounded and in the end you can branch out in pretty much any department. I worked and attended college throughout the years. Hospitality Law was one of my favorite courses.

What are the top five challenges you experienced in the early stages of starting your business?

Like many entrepreneurs funding continues to be a sore point at the seed stage when starting a business.

Marketing & Educating the public
When venturing into new markets, offering services that are fairly new to Jamaica one has to spend more time on marketing and educating the public about its existence. It takes more time, energy and resources to realize any profits.

Time management
I worked a 9-5 and also attended school from 5-9pm in Kingston. Thereafter I had to travel to Linstead, St. Catherine by bus. This often times felt like a mammoth task.

I Bartered my administrative services for a year to pay my office bills, it wasn’t cash in hand, I had to find other means to survive and deal with my personal expenses.

As the sole proprietor at the time I had to be the Manager, Admin and Accountant at the same time, this was quite challenging. As one would expect, it would be difficult for any one individual to adequately carry out all these different roles effectively.

How did you overcome these challenges?

One of my favorite quotes “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” There is no one formula to overcome challenges, it is important to stay focused on your WHY which often time is that one thing that pushes you to be great. No matter the challenges you face, you should accept them and find a solution.

What is most satisfying experience about owning a business?

Getting results and the level of gratitude from clients who have used our services is most satisfying. When you’ve helped someone, who had little or no idea that these services exist to the point of realizing justice, brings pure excitement to my soul.

Any advice to young entrepreneurs?

Knowledge is Critical to gaining wealth. Do not be deterred by society’s standards of failure, you get one more shot at making it right. Believe in yourself and the rest is making history!

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