School of Engineering Logistics and the Built Environment

With a focus on new and emerging technologies and the implementation of creative solutions, the School of Engineering Logostics & the Built Environment (SELBE) equips its students with the skills to innovate, create, respond to and provide solutions for a rapidly evolving and technologically demanding society.

SELBE offers programmes  of study to our students in four distinct areas - Building & Construction Technology, Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology and Electronic Technology. Within each of these four areas, both traditional and modern elements of engineering are offered, allowing a broad and varied programmes of study, which are relevant and can be applied practically for those entering the job market, starting businesses of their own or going on to further studies at other institutions.


To meet the needs of  the growing  relationships between industries and to enhance collaborations with  educational and training institutions.

  • To develop technical competencies in students and empower them
  • To work with  minimum supervision, creating  ideas, and          
  • Developing additional skills for the 21st century nationally, and globally.


Programmes Offered

 * Offered in collaboration with the Association of Caribbean Tertiary Institutions (ACTI)