Associate Degree in Management Information Systems




The Associate of Science Degree in Management Information Systems is concerned with the development, systems design, and programming skills that will enable graduates to function effectively in a variety of entry-level positions; or to matriculate into the bachelor’s degree programme. The graduate of this programme is equipped to work as a part of a team to design, test, document, implement, and evaluate the performance of an information system.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

To matriculate to the programme applicants must fulfill one of the one of the following :

Pass at least five (5) CSEC/GCE O’ level subjects including English Language and Mathematics with grades I, II or III/A, B, or C. Grade III pass must  be after June 1998. (City & Guilds Stage 3 Math & English is accepted – conditions apply)

Alternative entry requirements

Mature Student Entry. Applications falling in this category must be over twenty five( 25) years old, with a minimum of two (2) years experience in a specialized area of the industry. Each applicant must submit an academic portfolio for individual assessment.

NB. Students without a pass in CSEC/GCE Mathematics will be required to sit equivalent courses.

Day (Full time) – Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Evening (Part time) – Monday to Friday, 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Weekend (Part time) – Friday 5:30-8:30 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Target Groups
This programme targets any of the following individuals:
Persons with industry experience seeking certification as programmers or software engineers
Persons with industry experience who need formal training as programmers or software engineers
Persons who want to change their career path
High school graduates interested in careers in Computer Programming or Management Information Systems

Career Path
Jnr Web Administrator         Jnr Programmer
Technical Support specialist    Small Business Entrepreneur

Course Structure

Course Structure: Full Time Day

Semester I Semester II
Communication I   Communication II
Discrete Mathematics & Algebra  Computer Programming I (C# - OOP, FM, DB)
Fundamentals of Information Technology      Probability and Statistics
Fundamentals of Accounting  Web Dev I (HTML,JavaScript, CSS3)
Introduction to Management Information Systems  Database Management
Introduction to Programming  Elective
 Semester III  Semester IV
Business Law  Introduction to Computer Security
Web Dev II ( Business Systems: Analysis, Design & Development
Networking and Communication Technology  Small Business Management
Introduction to Management  Oral Communication
Introduction to Psychology I  Elective
Intro to Mobile App Dev using HTML/JS/CSS3   Work Experience


Course Structure Part Time

Semester I Semester II
Communication I Communication II
Fundamentals of Info Technology Comp Prog I (C# - OOP, FM, DB)
Introduction to Management Discrete Math & Algebra
Introduction to Programming Fundamentals of Accounting
Summer I Semester III
Elective Networking & Comm. Technology
Database Management Probability & Statistics
Web Dev I (HTML,JavaScript,CSS3) Web Development II (
Introduction to Psychology  
Semester IV Summer II
Introduction to Computer Security Business Law
Introduction to Management Small Business Management
Business Systems: Analysis, Design & Development Oral Communication
Intro to Mobile App Dev using
Systems Development & Major Project
Principles of Marketing Elective
  Work Experience