Bachelor of Arts in Drama

(continued from the Associate in Performing Arts)


The Bachelor of Arts curriculum spans three established subject areas, namely, arts, entertainment and cultural studies. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts is primarily multidisciplinary at the lower level. However at the upper level, students will be able to specialize in one of the following (Dance, Drama or Music) which is designed specifically to focus on current and innovative practices in the Performing Arts. As such, graduates are equipped with firsthand experience of collaborative and self-management skills, which will equip them to be effective practitioners. 


This programme aims, accordingly, to:
•    Improve students’ knowledge, competencies and attitudes for effective performances in the Arts.
•   Provide access for a diverse performing arts experience that spans history and theory, as well as technical and performance contexts.
•    Promote the practitioner’s continuous personal and professional development for employment and or entrepreneurship.
•    Expand student’s knowledge about integrating their artistic work with contemporary information communication technology practices.
•    Create a forum for the continued exploration of the integrative approach to the study and work in the Performing Arts.
•    Develop the foundation for participants desirous to work professionally in the Performing Arts.
•    Encourage students to use the performing arts as a medium for inspiring and unifying mankind.    


Two (2) years – 4 semesters  

Entry Requirements       

To matriculate into Bachelor’s Degree programme, applicants must satisfy the general entry requirements:

  1. Complete the Associate Degree programme.
  2. Complete a program that is comparable with the Associate Degree in Performing Arts.
  3. Mature Student Entry. Applicants falling in this category must, normally, be over the age twenty-five (25) years, with a minimum of five (5) years experience in an area related to the field of study which the applicant wishes to pursue - e.g. marketing, accounts, office administration, and management. Each applicant will be required to develop and submit for evaluation, a portfolio detailing his/her prior experiential learning. Such a portfolio may consist of certificates of achievement, positions held, along with job descriptions, references and testimonials, and proof of community involvement, among other documentary evidence.

Programme Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this programme participant should be able to:
1.    Exhibit solid artistic competencies and synthesize relevant academic concepts and theories.
2.    Demonstrate a broad based knowledge of integrated performing arts education and, at the upper level, a high level of proficiency in a discrete area of study - Music, Dance or Drama.
3.    Create original, professional level works and innovative full productions through processes of evaluation and analysis of research.
4.    Demonstrate a lifelong appreciation and exploration of collaborative creative problem solving in ensemble work.
5.    Integrate information communication technology in inter disciplinary and cross disciplinary processes.
6.    Practise his/her profession with respect for social values and attitudes while adhering to legal and ethical societal norms.  
7.    Show initiative and self management whether as an employee or as an entrepreneur.


Course Structure - Weekend (continuted from the Associate in Performing Arts)   

Semester V Semester VI
Drumming & Chanting Critiquing Performance Arts
Principles of Creativity & Aesthetics                Business Ethics for the Arts
Gender Studies Acting for film & TV I
Acting II Screenwriting
Directing II Mime Theatre
Playwriting II Community Drama
Voice & Speech II Caribbean Culture & Theatre                           
Twentieth Century Theatre  
Semester VII Semester VIII
Research Methods BFA Final Project – Specialized Production
Musical Theatre Elective
Makeup for Stage & TV Actor's Workshop
Elective Director's Workshop II
Physical Theatre Shakespeare & Caribbean Theatre
Directing with Children  
Acting for film & TV II  
Introduction to Film Directing  
Director's Workshop I