Associate Degree in Business Studies

The Associate Degree in Business Studies offered by the CCCJ has been developed to help prepare students to perform Marketing, Accounting, Office Administration and general Management functions in a variety of organizations. This programme offers both practical and theory based components, and draws upon such disciplines as Business and Industrial Psychology, Communications, Economics, Information Technology and Data Analysis.

The Business Studies Associate programme is typically offered over two years, thought students are allowed a total of five (5) years in which to complete the programme. All students pursuing the the programme, be it full-time or part-time, must complete all the courses (thirty six credits) which comprise Year 1 of the programme. In Year 2, students are are required to do the core courses along with courses that fall under their areas of specialization. In addition , all full-time students are required to do thirty(30) hours of voluntary service and two hundred and forty (240) hours of work experience. Evening students who are not employed in their area of specialization are required to do work the work experience.

The areas of specialization are Accounting, Management, Marketing and Office Administration.

Marketing Major 

The aims of this major are to:

1.  Enable students to critically asses the marketing environment from the point of view of both    the marketer and the consumer.

2.  Train students to apply appropriate marketing skills in the workplace.

3.  Help students to develop an understanding of the importance of marketing as a discipline and the application of marketing concepts in the business context.

4. Enable students to understand and demonstrate the interpersonal skills essential for effective marketing.

Office Administration

The aims of this major are to:

1.  Prepare students to be highly effective in technologically advanced office settings.

2.  Assist students in developing high levels of efficiency in the technological office.

3.Train students to develop the skills and attitudes required for employment in modern day office administration positions.

Accounting and Management

 The aims of the courses which comprises this major are to:

1. Provide students with the accounting and management skills required in today's technological business organizations.

2. Train students to develop the required requisite skills and attitudes for employment.

3.  Prepare students for supervisory positions in various organizations.