The examination period for semester two will run from May 6 to 17, 2024. All examinations for this period will be administered face-to-face.  

Please take note of the following:

  1. Only students who are fully registered will be able to access their examinations.
  2. Timetables are published on the website of the college and, in some instances, may be shared via email. Students must carefully check their examination timetables to ensure that they are aware of the date and time for each examination. The first draft of the  CCCJ timetable is currently available on the website for viewing. As a reminder, draft timetables are subject to change; therefore, students must check the final timetable to confirm their examination dates.
  3. All students are required to write their examinations at the college. Details of the campus at which students in specific programmes will write their examinations will be shared in a subsequent email. Students should not make travel arrangements during the examination period.
  4. Students who are currently overseas must utilize the services of a proctor – a person who has been approved by the college or the relevant examination body to administer an examination to a candidate who is unable to sit his/her examination at the college. The onus is on the candidate to find a proctor who meets the proctor requirements of the college and for whom there is no conflict of interest in upholding the examination regulations. Attached are copies of the Testing Centre Proctor Form for students enrolled in CCCJ programmes and The Proctor Form for students enrolled in non-CCCJ programmes – Paralegal Studies, Supply Chain Management, Security, Protection and  Investigation Management and Mathematics & Finance.
  5. All proctor forms must be submitted at least fifteen (15) business days before the examination period.
  6. Students who are employed must advise their employers of their examination dates so that they may be granted the time needed to sit their examinations. If necessary, the institution will provide official letters to employers. Students may request these letters via their Head of School.