1.  Who is a full-time student ?  
    A person registered in a minimum of twenty four (24) credits in the academic year.
  2. Who is a part- time student ?
    A person registered for between twelve (12) and twenty three (23) credits in the  academic year. 
  3. Who is a modular student?
    A person whose course of study consists of specific courses that total fewer  than twelve (12) credit hours.
  4. Can I take evening or weekend classes?
    Students can attend evening classes Mondays-Fridays 5:00 9:00 p.m. Starting September 2009, the College will also have weekend college option (Fridays: 5:30p.m. – 8:30p.m. and Saturdays: 8:30a.m.- 6:30p.m.) for select programmes and courses. 
  5. What is a programme?
    A set of courses grouped together and leading to the award of a specific  certification, for example, Associate Degree in Business Studies.
  6. What comprises a course?
    A set of modules (units) of study within a particular subject area for example, Business Law, Communication and Pre-Calculus.
  7. What is a core course?
    A course that is compulsory for all students at a particular level in a programme. 
  8. What is an elective?
    A course selected by the student that is outside of his/her major area of study. 
  9. What does academic standing mean?
    Academic standing is determined by a student’s academic performance in his/her programme of study. A student who is trailing more than 9 credits from a previous level will not be promoted to the next level. Such a student may register as a modular student and re-do the relevant courses.
  10. When is a student placed on probation?
    A student may be placed on academic probation if his/her cumulative Grade  Point Average (G.P.A.) falls between 1.50 and 2.00 at the end of a semester. 
  11. Can students be asked to discontinue/withdraw from programmes based on academic standing?
    Students whose G.P.A. falls below 1.50 will be asked to withdraw from the programme and will not be permitted to enroll in a programme of similar or higher level for at least one year.
  1. How are exemptions granted?
    Exemptions from a specific course may be granted to students who have already successfully completed that course or an equivalent course. Requests for exemptions should be made in writing prior to registration and students will be assessed based on the following requirements:
    • Completed exemption request form
    • Submission of certified copy of matriculation certificates
    • Provision of course outline for courses being proposed for equivalency
    • Provision of transcript from institution which certified the course (s) being proposed for equivalency.
  2. Can advanced qualifications be used for credit?
    Applicants who hold qualifications additional to the minimum entry requirements for a programme may be given credit for courses in certain programmes and may be allowed to enter such programmes at a level higher than the regular entry point. Assessment for advanced standing will take place only upon the request of the applicant.
  3. Can an applicant be accepted on a mature entry status?
    An applicant who does not meet the regular minimum requirements for a programme but who is at least 25 years of age and who has at least five years  working experience in the related field may apply for matriculation as a mature student. The granting of mature student status is not automatic. An assessment will be made of the applicant’s suitability by the relevant authorities (these include the College’s Academic Board and the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica). Application for assessment should be made in writing and should include copies of supporting documentation. 
  4. When do I register as a student for the courses / programmes that I am taking?
    Registration takes place at the beginning of each Semester, that is at the  beginning of August / September for Semester 1, December / January for  Semester 2 and May / June for Summer Semester. 
  5. What do I need in order to sit an end of Semester Exam?
    Each student will need :
    • an Examination Card issued by Student Affairs Office or an Exam Time Table for CSEC or GCE exams.
    • A valid ID if you do not have a school ID. 
  6. Where do I obtain my exam results?
    Pass/fail results are posted on the school’s notice boards, normally 5 weeks after the last day of examination session.  Grades are provided in Progress Reports that are to be collected from the Student Affairs Office by mid August  each year. 
  7. How much time will I be given to complete my programme if this is not done within the normal time frame?
    You will be given 3 years after your normal completion date to redo courses  that you did not successfully complete. 
  8. How do I apply for a Transcript?
    A transcript is a record of the programme and grades for courses taken  (passed / failed) by a student and any certification earned. Complete a  Transcript Request Form available from Student Affairs Office, pay the fee at the Accounts Department and submit the form to the Student Affairs Office. Transcript costs are as follows: Local  JA$600,  Local (Nursing)  JA$1500,  Local to Overseas  JA$1000 and Originating Overseas US$30.


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