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A fit body brings many benefits but you may be surprised to learn just how many of these benefits are mental ones. Having a fit body not only provides wonderful cardiovascular benefits along with improved strength and flexibility, but it can give your brain a boost that means the difference between smart thinking and a clouded mind.


By exercising for a fit body, you benefit from improved blood flow to the brain, which improves mental acuity, balance and motor skills as well.

The College has long since recognized the benefits of a fit body towards a fit mind and believes that partaking in sports is an excellent way to reap these benefits because sports can improve coordination while simultaneously giving you a fitter body. 

The Sports department at Excelsior Community College, therefore seeks to foster an environment that will provide student athletes and the College community with the opportunity to develop their full potential both mentally and physically, as well as academically. Through athletics, we strive to teach such lifelong skills as discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-control, cooperation, hard work, playing by the rules and respect for authority through athletic competition and recreational activities.

Though involvement in sports provides training for life that, perhaps, surpasses any other activity, the ECC Sports Department also supports our students by:

  • Recognizing the academic needs of the student as primary and athletic achievement as secondary
  • Broadening the horizons of students by creating a diverse program of activities that serve to enhance their overall experience at the College.
  • Providing students with the tools to become well-rounded individuals and achieve their goals.

It is with all these aims in view that ECC participates in most events put on by the Inter-Collegiate Sports Association (INTERCOL), which is the governing body for sports among Jamaican Colleges and other tertiary institutions.

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