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EXAMINATION  TIMETABLES Academic Year 2023/2024 

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The Examinations Section is in charge of the running of examinations here at Excelsior Community College. Listed below are some of the guidelines that govern student behaviour and conduct concerning examinations and related activities.


Excelsior has three (3) examination periods:

Semester 1          – December

Semester 2          – May

Semester 3          – August

Morning Sessions will begin at 9 a.m. and  afternoon sessions will begin at 1 p.m.

Please note that some groups ( for example BBA/CMCS/Nursing) will have evening sessions for examinations. These sessions will begin at 5 p.m. and as circumstances dictate, other changes will have to be made to examination times.
The rooms designated for each exam will be posted daily. Students should, therefore, check the notice boards for the room listing.


1. Identification Cards

 Candidates are required to bring their school  identification card to all examinations. These must be displayed on a prominent position on the desk. If a candidate has forgotten to take his/her ID, he/she should quickly report to Students’ Affairs Office so that a replacement can be provided. This will attract a fee. (Student Handbook, p. 30)

 2. Examination Cards

 No candidate will be allowed to sit an examination without his/her examination card. If a student should lose his/her examination card, he/she should immediately report to the Students’ Affairs Office so that a replacement can be provided. This will attract a fee.

  (Student Handbook, p. 25)


1. Students should be present at the examination room at least fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled start of the examination. Students should enter the examination only when instructed to do so by the invigilator.

2. Students should not take the following items into the examination room, and persons found in breach will be subjected to serious disciplinary action.

a. Cellular phones

b. Pencil Cases

c. Bags, purses and handbags

d. Programmable calculators and those that are not operationally quiet.

e. Books or paper of any kind

f. Earplugs and headsets

g. Heavy jackets, towels and caps

h. Watches with alarms

3. Seating

Seating is arranged using students’ ID numbers. Students are expected to sit according to this arrangement.

4. Borrowing During Examinations

The borrowing or lending of equipment during the examinations is strictly prohibited. Students should, therefore, ensure that they have all the tools that are needed for each examination.

5. Late Arrivals

 Students who arrive late for their examination will not be allowed any extra time to complete the paper.

Any candidate who arrives after the first 30 minutes of an examination will not be admitted to the examination room. (Student Handbook, p. 26)

6. Leaving the Examination Room

Candidates will not be allowed to leave the examination room during the first 60 minutes of an examination unless there are extenuating circumstances which warrant this. In situations such as these, candidates will be accompanied by an invigilator.

Candidates may be granted permanent leave of the examination room only after the first sixty (60) minutes of the examination. All papers and answer booklets must, however, be surrendered to the invigilator. The candidate will not be permitted to re-enter the examination room after his/her papers have been surrendered.

If a candidate leaves the examination room without permission, he/she will be awarded a failing grade for this examination.

(Student Handbook, p. 26)

7. Attire

All day students are required to be fully attired in their College uniforms for all examinations.

For evening and weekend students, attire must be appropriate. This requires the exclusion of the following:

a. micro-minis or mid-riff blouses

b. visible undergarments

c. shorts or knickers

d. spaghetti strap/strapless blouses

e. merinos

f.  Leggings

(Student Handbook, p. 30)

8. Communication During the Examination

Students are not permitted to communicate with each other – verbally or otherwise. If a student wishes to speak with the invigilator, he/she should raise his/her hand and await the arrival of the invigilator.

9. Absence from Examinations

If a student is absent from an examination without medical or other valid reasons, he or she will be awarded a failing grade for that examination.

For absence due to illness, a valid medical certificate must be produced.

 (Student Handbook, p. 25)

10. Other Acts of Misconduct 

If a candidate is found guilty of any of the following acts of  misconduct, he/she may be disqualified from all examinations for that semester or face other sanctions imposed by the Disciplinary Committee  (Student handbook, page 24)

a. Copying from another candidate’s material.

b. Assisting or attempting to assist other candidates.

c. Taking unauthorised material into the exam room.

d. Failing to hand over material deemed to be in breach of the examination upon the request of the instructor or examination personnel.

e. Disregarding or disobeying an invigilator’s instructions pertaining to the conduct of an examination.

f. Any evidence of collusion.

 (CCCJ Examination Policies, p. 24)

11. Submission of Examination Card

At the end of the last examination, each candidate must hand in a copy of his/her examination card to the invigilator. The students must retain the original copy of the card as this will serve as proof that examinations were done.

12. Querying Exam Grades

Students may make queries about the grades which they are awarded for examinations sat. However, this must be done within ten working days of the posting of the examination results.

(Student Handbook, p. 26)

Examination Results

Results for semester examinations will be posted on the notice boards on all the Campuses by the end of January, June and September respectively.

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