Spanish Club

Our Mission
The mission of the Excelsior Community College Spanish Club is to help create enthusiasm and cross-cultural awareness of different aspects of Spanish-speaking culture and language.



Who Can Join?

• You do not have to be in Spanish class or speak Spanish to be in the club!
• Spanish Club is open to anyone in the college.
• School rules, procedures and behavior policies apply when you are attending Spanish club.

What We Do

• Have guest speakers who are native Spanish-speakers or come from Spanish Speaking countries

• Arts to celebrate Spanish holidays

• Movies/Videos

• Games

• Music

• Skits in Spanish

• Readings and discussions

• Friends across boarders

When Will We Meet?

• Every Thursday between the hours of 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

What You Need to Know

Register VIA email –

Follow us on INSTAGRAM – #eccspanishclub

Registrations are open NOW.

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