Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education


This Associate Degree programme  is designed to target basic school teachers, teacher assistants for lower grades of the primary education system, along with persons desirous of accessing more advanced and appropriate training. This programme is the Ministry of Education’s recent initiative to replace the three year diploma with the four year Bachelors degree as the required entry qualification for the teaching profession.

The programme therefore aims to:

  •  Provide candidates with sound foundational knowledge in general education and in specialized  early childhood development studies that support their  future advancement into diverse pathways of practice in the early childhood profession.
  •  Enable access to persons with non-traditional qualifications to pursue studies that lead to an internationally and regionally recognized terminal qualification of Associate Degree.
  •  Place a strong emphasis on skills, competencies and practice in the course of studies.  (JBTE;2014)

Who Should Apply

1. Individuals who are already in the field and    require formal qualifications.

2. Persons who wish to develop skills in Early Childhood Education in order to contribute to nation building.

3. Persons who want to change their career path.

4. School leavers with CXC qualifications who would like to access the profession

Persons who want to change their career path

High school graduates with related subjects desirous of entering the profession.

Competencies that graduates of the programme will have:

On completing this program, graduates will be expected to demonstrate the following skills and competencies:

Ability to:

  1.  Explain/discuss relevant theoretical perspectives and principles of child growth and development in the early years to middle childhood.
  2.  Effectively relate with and guide young children’s development and behaviour based on sound knowledge of their characteristics and needs, including children with exceptionalities.
  3.  Work independently or as part of a team  to effectively implement early childhood curricula for the  different levels.
  4.  Apply basic but essential skills for integrating technology in the teaching/learning environment.

Skills Gained

Strong written and verbal communication and
etiquette in a formal business environment.

Public speaking and presentation abilities

Leadership qualities for team environments.

Awareness of globalization and cross-cultural issues.

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