Quality Policy

Purpose of the Quality Policy

This policy is designed to communicate the intent and position of Excelsior Community College in regards to quality.


Quality refers to the fitness for purpose of our programmes, teaching and learning and related services to meet the standards and requirements of students and stakeholders.  The quality of our service provision is judged by our students, stakeholders and community and their acknowledgment of our ability to meet their needs.

Guiding Philosophy of the Excelsior Community College

As a Methodist tertiary institution, we believe in:

  • providing access to lifelong learning opportunities
  • transforming lives through research, innovation, excellence in education and training
  • embracing our core values to enhance the social and economic environment
  • exemplifying the Christian world views as prescribed by the Methodist teachings
  • promoting, transmitting and preserving our culture and heritage

Vision 2024

We are a transformative, agile higher education institution with a Christian worldview, forging linkages and positively impacting our communities.

Mission 2024

We transform lives through quality education and training, applied research and partnership with local and international stakeholders.

Core Values

Our commitment to quality is expressed in the promises we make to our key stakeholders:

  • Students - to facilitate their learning and developmental needs to make them competitive internationally; prepared for the dynamic working environment and nurtured for
  • Governing bodies - to be high performing and consistently compliant.
  • Donors - to be accountable and transparent and providing suitable recognition and trust.
  • Staff - to be considerate of their needs and provide opportunities for growth and development.
  • the wider Society - to respect diversity, maintain integrity and high ethical standards in the delivery of our products and services.

Our approach

As a Methodist institution, Excelsior Community College uses an enabling, learner-centered approach in a research-driven environment to enhance graduates’ holistic development and foster participation and leadership in community-based initiatives and nation building.

Quality Policy

Excelsior Community College provides relevant, market-driven lifelong learning and educational programmes and certification that satisfy our stakeholders and are in alignment with national and global labour market demands and human resource development goals.

Quality Objectives

  • To increase stakeholder satisfaction (average) rating by 5 % annually (as measured by the Research and Innovation surveys)
  • To achieve strategic impact targets as specified
  • To implement at least one (1) major improvement in each core and support process
  • To implement three (3) transformation initiatives each year

Quality Guarantee and Commitment

We guarantee the quality of our programmes and awards, by benchmarking against local and internationally recognized institutions and standards as follows;

  • ISO 9001:2015 standards
  • University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) standards
  • NCTVET standards
  • Standards of international accreditation bodies including International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE)
  • Local and international education standards
  • UNESCO 2030 Education Plan

The College remains compliant with guidelines established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI), the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ) and other relevant local regulatory bodies.

The College is committed to the ongoing development and maintenance of its internal systems and processes to support its curricula and service delivery and conducts periodic reviews to inform continuous improvement, expand its brand and create value for the students, donors and society. 

Quality Assurance Statement

In response to national and global demands, the College is committed to initiating, implementing and reviewing its policies and systems for the efficient and effective delivery of teaching and learning, benchmarked against local and international standards and measured against the key performance indicators.

Policy Review

This quality policy is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains relevant to our stakeholders and responsive to a changing world.

Policy History

This is the first version which includes the Quality Assurance Statement approved in 2004.

This policy was approved by the Committee of Management (COM), Excelsior Community College on November 26, 2019. It was released January 20, 2020.